Counters Example I

Basic example of Counter contact with IECuino Here, we will see another example, but this time it is going to be about Counters. It means that this is Counters Example I.  As the previous post, we are going to explain what Counter means, in case you forgot its function. As the name suggests, this contact count …

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Timers Example I

Basic example of Timer Contact with IECuino In this post, we are going to see a super basic example of Timers, which is the Timers Example I of this blog, but before we start to explain itÔÇŽcan you differentiate Counters and Timers? We are going to explain to you what Timer means so easily.As the …

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Ladder Logic Interlocking II

Filling and emptying a tank Ladder Logic Basic Example II Ladder Logic Basic Example I In this another Ladder Logic basic example (filling and emptying a tank), we must follow conditions for this Ladder Logic Interlocking. We will go over the process step by step, so you do not miss anything. Firstly, letÔÇÖs take a …

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Ladder Logic Basic Example

PLC Diagram for Motor Interlocking

Ladder Logic Basic Example In this post, you are going to see a Ladder Logic Interlocking example, specifically the PLC Diagram for Motor Interlocking. In this way, you can get to know the applications of this programming language. This example will consist of making an interlocking (self-retention) of a single-phase motor. To make it easier, …

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Ladder Logic Rung Analysis

In the top 5 most popular PLC programming languages, we found Ladder Logic. Before developing PLCs, manufacturing plants used relay-based circuitry to activate various loads depending on the Relay’s interconnection. The problem was that relays were expensive, needed continuous maintenance, and were difficult to modify. It was necessary to maintain the previous systemÔÇÖs similarities; hence, …

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