The Editor Plaform


This is where you manage the differents projects that you are working on. Remember that you can create as many projects as you need.

When you login into your account, you will land here by default in order to choose which project you want to work with. To go back here once you entered the working area, you just need to click the IECuino logo. In this section you can add new projects, and edit or delete the current ones.

Create In the first position there is always an empty project awaiting the creation of a new one. Just write the name of your project and click the button “CREATE”. The project will be created and once created the IECuino platform will jump to the working area.

IECuino Projects Section

Create, Edit and Delete


By clicking the … icon you will see the option to Edit the name of your project. Just click this option, edit the project name and save the project.


By clicking the … icon you will see, among with the edit option, the Delete option. Just click this option, write the word DELETE and click the Delete button. Remember that it is not possible to revert this change.

By clicking the projects you can jump from one to another. Also, remember that you can move between projects using the menu close to the IECuino logo.

Programming with Ladder or Arduino code

Ladder Diagram

Use the graphical interface to program your application using the mouse or the keyboard.
You will learn in just a few secons how to work with the ladder diagram. Use the logic contactors, coils, timers, counters.

IECuino Ladder Diagram to program Arduino

Arduino Code

If you are used to programming with the Arduino IDE, in this environment you can do it in a similar way.
The option of translate from Ladder Diagram to Arduino it is already working.
It is important to know that you don’t need the loop function!
IECuino Arduino Coding

Working with GVL (Global Variables List) and the IO Mapping

Global Variable List

In this section you will have all your variables in just one place. You can create, edit, delete and organize all the variables involved in your project.

IECuino global variable list

IO Mapping

You know the device with whom you are working to, and also inputs, outputs, and their numbers/id. Here you can have it all listed, to add, edit or delete.

IECuino IO Mapping

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