Arduino Programming

Ladder Logic Rung Analysis

In the top 5 most popular PLC programming languages, we found Ladder Logic. Before developing PLCs, manufacturing plants used relay-based circuitry to activate various loads depending on the Relay’s interconnection. The problem was that relays were expensive, needed continuous maintenance, and were difficult to modify. It was necessary to maintain the previous system’s similarities; hence, …

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The Binary Code applied to Ladder Logic (II)

Binary Code in Ladder Logic Programming In this second part of the Binary Code applied to Ladder Logic, we are going to explain other examples of Binary Code applied to Ladder Logic. The OR function examines multiple PLC inputs and has one resulting output. If we translate an OR function into a Ladder Diagram, we …

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IECuino Ladder Programming Quick Guide

Quick guide to learn all the basics of Ladder programming with IECuino In this guide you will have all the information you need to start using Ladder programming with IECuino. It starts with the installation of the drivers needed to run the program and be able to connect to Arduino boards.The first steps to start …

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Relay Ladder Logic

Ladder Diagram or Relay Ladder Logic (RLL) is the fundamental programming language for programmable logic controllers (PLCs). On the other hand, electrical schematics can look a lot like Ladder Diagrams in a vertical way. The solution is to design them as electrical schematics, most individuals learn to draw Ladder Logic Diagrams this way. Although clearly, …

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